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Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy Bumble at Work!

Indeed, Bumble be busy as a bee. My yearly 100 pounds or so of fleece has arrived and I am busy sorting and washing this and will be up to my elbows in fleece for the next few months. No matter how fast I work, the pile doesn't seem to lessen. Ahhhhh, but the enjoyment is well worth the effort.

This weekend we are off to Dancing Elk again and I will have the opportunity to collect lichen that has fallen from the trees. I will use this for dyeing wool after I've collected enough of the various kinds available. I really need to purchase a book that will help me to identify the various kinds of lichen that are plentiful out at DE.

A few weekends ago when we spent time at Dancing Elk, the tops of the mountain peaks were still touched with snow. The drive out there is beautiful and DE is situated between Mt. Ranier and Mt. St. Helens. Both mountains can be clearly seen for miles as we drive. A beautiful sight to behold!

It is always so peaceful at DE. Mornings and evenings we are visited by elk and occasionally deer. The sound of birds is quite musical and we often see eagles and hawks as well.

Back to work! The box of dyes I ordered arrived last week and I have a pallet of colours to choose from.

Monday, May 01, 2006

More Items

For once Bumble has actually shown some progress and I am getting items photoed and uploaded (or is that downloaded?) to my sales blog. More items have been posted today, so do take the time to head over to my storefront and take a peek.There are some lovely hats in my store and while there are beautiful hand spun and knitted wool hats, there are also some wonderful acrylic/nylon ones that are great for this in between weather we are experiencing in the Pacific Northwest. It seems that the weather can't seem to make up its mind if this is Spring or still Winter.Either way, head coverings are not only nice to protect us from the chill, they are also fashion accessories.Speaking of fashion accessories, I have lots more scarves in delightful colors yet to be photoed and posted. Gotta get to work!

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