Monday, February 12, 2007

Typical Bumble, Behind as Always

It has been a mighty long time since I have posted, but we sure have been busy. This past fall brought heavy rain and flooding to many Puget Sound areas and while our home in Seattle was fine, our property in Randal took a massive hit from both the Cowlitz River and Davis River.

I haven't been out there as yet, but I'm told that much damage was done to the ranch. Our part of it, Dancing Elk, has no buildings on it so we didn't lose anything in the way of buildings. I don't know how our road has been affected and that may need to be rebuilt as well as a massive cleanup in the spring.

More storms hit in the winter and we were without power for a few days and off and on again after that. Not much fun to be in cold weather and have no heat, but we made do with an old wood stove that needs replacing and we will definitely replace it this spring. Just another thing on our list of things that needs doing. I kept busy spinning during that time, and just trying to stay warm.

Things start warming up and looking better and our van gets stolen. Yep, the one with the wheelchair lift so that I can get out and about. We did get it back and with only minor damage. It is back from the shop and works fine.

I have a new grandchild, a boy named Alexander Bradley and he was born on November 17. Makes two grandchildren now, the boy and a girl who is three named Chloe Joleen.

All in all, things are getting back to normal around here and the weather isn't as cold. Even have a bit of sun today. I am about to upload some hats to my etsy store, so if you get the chance to wander over and take a look the url is:

Blessings all and have a marvelous day!

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