Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summertime and Kicking Back

Summertime is definitely here! While I am not fond of hot weather, it is nice to sit in my office for a few minutes of relaxing and hear the flutter of hummingbird wings outside the window. Along the fence there are honeysuckle vines with their wine colored blossoms that attract the birds.

A young possum ran across the yard the other day, so cute that one feels the urge to reach down and pick it up for a cuddle. Didn't though, they don't like that much!

We leave next week for Montana and I hear there are a few huge bags of alpaca that have my name on them. I'll be busy spinning that up for quite a while. Also headed to a ghost town in Virginia City where we will be spending the night.

Now the real reason for that side trip is that Bumble has the urge to sit and spin some wool/alpaca on the verandah. I fell in love with that old hotel and the verandah last year when we stopped at that old ghost town.

Taking friends with us this year, we are gonna see what ghosts we can actually stir up during our visit. Bumble seems to draw such things and this might be interesting. Don't want it to be too interesting, but a touch would make our trip something to talk about in years to come.

Gonna take my Victorian Walking Dress and hat, red hat society colors, of course and do the town up proper. Wonder if any of that alpaca is in red or purple?

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