Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ummmmmmmmmm, spare moments?

Indeed, spare moments are few and far apart around here as of late. Bumble’s Etsy store, From Ewe to You is up and running and I have a web site that has hit the internet world as well. A web site, you ask? Yes, after putting that off for more years than I even want to think about, I finally put one together and published it as well.

I may be the last person on the planet to get around to putting up a web site—seems like everyone has at least one these days. To be honest, I have tried before, but it was much too complicated and I was left so confused that I decided to just do without.

Now, the need to have all my “stuff” listed on one site that would direct people to where they could find my fiber sales and other interests outweighed my personal need for sanity. I took the leap, hoping that friends and accomplished web site setter uppers would catch me or at least be able to slow my free fall descent into chaos.

Must have worked, for here it is:

Please take the time to take a looksie. In the pages you will be able to navigate your way to my Etsy store, Maikai Scents, Stuff A Friend, Scent by Spirit Teas, as well as back to my blog page.

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