Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Rainy Season has begun

If it were possible to rain cats and dogs, the streets in Bumble's town would be littered--pardon the pun. Rain has been coming down hard and steady all day long and the news forcasters have warned that we should all check the storm drains and make sure that all are cleared. Doesn't look like it will let up any time soon, or at least not through this weekend.

The temps are chilly, but at least not enough to snow. I wasn't going anywhere anyway, but the family is out and about and I always worry when they are driving in snow, or waiting for a bus.

Today was quiet, as I was here alone with just the dogs for company. Had thought and planned on getting lots of things done, but it didn't turn out that way. A busy day, but didn't accomplish much or at least not as much as I wanted to.

My computer went goofy the other day and I've been busy getting things up and running again. Lost lots of data, but such seems to be the norm with computers and I have a feeling this one is about to go bytes up.

If anyone is trying to log on to my Stuff A Friend site, the company is switching things around and all should be finished in a few days and access will be back up and normal.

Of course, along about that time, etsy will begin to update their end of things and my etsy store will be down for a few days. Hang in there, things should be normal before the end of the month.

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