Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We're Back!!

The trip to Montana was wonderful, but ever so hot! Temps were in the 100s and once we reached the ghost town of Virginia City, the temps actually reached 110 degrees. Oh so hot! And much too hot for the Bumble. I embarrassed myself horribly by becoming ill and the husband and I barely made it back to our hotel from the restaurant right next door. I did make it up the steps and almost to our room, before passing out on the floor.

Well, the husband sends our friends off to call 911 whilst he proceeds to drag me into our room. Thank goodness for an air conditioned room. After a brief rest, I decide that I'm gonna live and all the fuss was for nothing. Ever try to cancel a 911 call? Can't.

Here come the paramedics. Here comes the ambulance. Oh goodness!! They put an oxygen mask on me and proceed to poke and prod and all the other stuff they do and no one notices the oxygen tank has gone empty. I'm beginning to find it a bit difficult to breathe, but trying to be polite, I said nothing. Soon, I just had to ask if I could remove the mask and they allowed me to do so and only then did they notice that no air was coming through that mask.

While they wanted to hospitalize me, I wasn't having any of that. Too far from home and as long as I could talk and think (at least a little), I wasn't leaving that room.

Did we see or hear any ghosts? I didn't see any, but I was awakened around 2 AM by someone singing the Canadian National Anthem in our room. Singing softly, but singing none the less. Now I don't know the song, so it is interesting that I would hear such and the actual words, not just the tune. Our friends "felt" something and the husband did as well. Just no actual sightings--durn it!

Back home now and getting ready to head out on a cruise ship to Alaska at the end of next week. More on that later.

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