From Ewe to You

Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you haven't been to my Stuff A Friend web site, you need to go and check out the new purses. We have a horse, cat, and a dog which comes in your choice of two colors--blue or purple. Real cute!

Time goes by rapidly and each day is gone before I know it. I think that I will get a break from this project or another and such never seems to happen. I accomplish a lot, but seldom get a breather to sit down and type about any of it.

I have been spinning yarn and dyeing it and getting it knit into this project or another. Most of my focus has been on hats and purses lately, with lots of knit looming of fur scarves. The scarves go quickly and can be worked on at any time and the loom fits easily into my purse or bag.

I like projects that I can pick up at a moment's notice or take along with me when I baby-sit my granddaughter. These projects don't take a lot of focus and are themselves a break from those that take lots of my attention.

It is always fun to work a new pattern and feel it develop under my fingers, but those new patterns need focus and I must turn to them when I know I will not be distracted.

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