From Ewe to You

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So much fiber, so little time!

Indeed, so much fiber so little time should be made into bumper stickers! Could probably sell a million or more of them.

I've been up to my elbows in fleece, fleece and more fleece. This year's crop is close to 130 pounds and it is hard to imagine needing to wash that amount of wool. I've sent several bags off to the processor just so that I could begin to get into the entryway and even reach the baskets that I need for placing washed fleece into so that it can dry.

I haven't touched my carder in almost a month and it sits there looking so forlorn and I am sure that it has a few choice words for me although it has been kind enough not to say them out loud.

The spinning wheels are working at top speed and that still isn't fast enough to keep up with the boxes of fiber that need spinning. I am, however, catching up on some of my knitting that has needed finishing.

Those little unfinished projects tend to stare at one with a "I'm next" look on their faces (do projects have faces?) but I have actually finished up two shawls that were awaiting me and I still need to finish a hat. There is a scarf, a vest, a ruana and several leg warmers in bags at my chair while they wait to be finished. There are also socks that need the toes closed on them.

Perhaps I should include with that bumper sticker another one, "so many projects, so little time."

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