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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wild Fibers Contest Entry

Here is my contest entry! This scarf is knitted of 100% bison fiber which I spun on a drop spindle. The scarf is knitted in the feathers and fans pattern and took approximately three ounces of spun fiber. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Early Morning Grumbling

It is early morning and after yesterday's hectic schedule, I have some time to myself. I would love to have slept in a bit, but an attack of early morning migraine robbed me of even the thought of sleep.

I've had these migraines for what seems most of my life and it has only been in recent years that I have been able to find any sort of relief from them. Meds, of course, and while such dull the pain the side affects of dizziness and nausea are still troublesome.

I'm close to finishing a knitted baby blanket for my next grandchild and if I never see another seed stitch, it will be too soon. Now a seed stitch border is fine, but not row upon row of them in a blanket such as this. I have eighteen more rows and then the finish border and cast off. It is very pretty I think and I knitted it in cream colored acrylic for ease in washing.

I've finished spinning one ounce of the bison fiber that I am spinning and then knitting for the Wild Fibers contest. Entry date is by the first of November and I do wish I had realized this sooner. I had the magazine, but set it aside and didn't notice the contest until a bit over a week ago. Hope to finish in time, but we shall see. I still have two more ounces to spin before I start knitting.

I have weighed and priced lots of nice carded batts in shades of greens, blues, yellows, oranges, reds and a very nice shade of Red Hat purple. As always, need to get these to my sales blog--I am so behind in that. Seems as if I will never catch up.

Tried to talk the husband into helping (he likes to do computer stuff) by taking photos and then uploading those to my blog for me, but he knows me and figured it wouldn't be worth his effort.
The difference between us is that I strive for perfection. Don't particularly reach it, by all means, but continue to strive. He is one that settles for what is good enough though workable.

Poor man, his idea of good enough just wouldn't be what I want on a sales blog, so I think he knew better than to even bother. My fault, of course, by being picky I am taking much too long to get those photos taken and put up where they belong.

Oh for the days when the kids were in school and I had nice long hours to work in peace. Now that all have been out of school for many many years, one would think that I would have a quiet house and could work. Such is not the case as they continue to pop in and out at all hours of the day and night. Just get started and it is time to put things away again.

What I oughta do is to gather up a bag of things and head out to the motor home and do the photos from there. Interruptions would be minimal and if interrupted, I could just leave things as they are and come back to them later. Hmmmmmmm, might be just the idea to play around with.

Now if I had spent at least half the time working as I have grumbling this morning, I would probably be done already.

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