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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Red Hat Bumble Bees

How many of you are Red Hatters? I've been trying unsuccessfully for two years to join with a red hat group, but all the local ones seem to be full up and not accepting newbies.

A dear friend of mine suggested that I start my own group and I could be the Queen Mother. Oh heavens no, that just would not do. Queen Mary? Close, but needs work!

How about Queen Bumble? Now that is a perfect fit and so The Red Hat Bumble Bees came into being with me as Queen Bumble. Know anyone in Seattle who would like to join? I simply must have others in my chapter for it would be no fun to sit here in my red hat and other regalia all by myself.

Come one! Come all! The Red Hat Bumble Bees call out to you and all the red and purple yarn you have in your stash! Let's hive together and play!

The Color Orange

What is it about the color orange that draws us to it? Is it the brightness? The crispness? Does it remind us of an orange and the sweet burst of liquid and the richness of the pulp upon our tongue?

Just what draws people to the color orange when we speak of yarn? How many of us purchase orange yarn, take it home and then have no idea of what to do with it? How many of us could use orange as a color in our home and be comfortable with it?

I wonder! And wondering such brings me to post this particular blog and an explanation of how I decided to use up all this orange yarn that fills my boxes.

Did I purchase this particular yarn on purpose? Not exactly, but I have literally skeins and skeins of it and it came from everywhere across the nation.

I purchase from ebay quite a bit and one of the things that I purchase is boxes of acrylic yarn for use in projects for which I prefer not to use my homespun for one reason or another. Within each of these boxes are always a few skeins of orange yarn. There is neon green yarn as well, but that is another post!

Just who purchases this orange yarn and what did they originally plan to do with it? I will never know, but I can say that each box I purchase will always have some of it inside and the time came when I needed to find a use for this orange yarn or I might just have to gather all of it up and put it into a box myself and sell it on ebay.

Recently, I purchased an oval afghan knitting loom and going through my stash I decided that this orange yarn could be used as a base color with other fall season colors running along side of it.

I love fall and all the colors it brings to our sight palette. The oranges, the reds, the browns, the golds, the yellows and the various shades of greens. So, my afghan has variegated colored yarn with those shades and each skein of the variegated has a skein of this orange yarn running along side of it and I am knitting with two threads at a time.

Orange by itself is a beautiful color, but who would want an orange afghan? Especially a bright orange one at that! Such a shade, while beautiful, is not conducive to peace but run other colors along with it and the "shock" of the color is blended into the shades of fall and all that goes with it.

The afghan is coming along nicely and is about a fourth of the way finished. Still a long ways to go, but enough to see that indeed, I've found a way to use up this orange yarn and the result will be pleasing to the eye.

Do you have skeins of orange yarn in your stash? How many and what do you plan on doing with it?

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