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Monday, April 10, 2006

New Items

There are new items posted to my storefront blog, so be sure to dash over there and take a look. Those boa scarves are so much fun and perfect for all seasons.

Remember those pot holder looms from your childhood? I still weave with these and my pot holders disappear at art fairs faster than I can weave them. These little weavings are perfect as mug rugs too. Keeps those hot/cold drinks from leaving rings on your furniture.

As always, while I sell what I post, I also barter. See something you like but can't afford? Just email me and let me know what you have to barter with. You can reach me at:

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Squirrely Invasion of Sorts

Our sunroom has been invaded, or at least, is about to be! I was sitting at my computer yesterday when I noticed a funny sound coming from the ceiling and white "stuff" drifting down onto the table.

The openings in the ceiling were not very large, but with all the scratching and skittering going on above me, I thought that at any moment a tiny head with whiskers would protrude from the ceiling and stare down at me.

Weeks ago I had told the husband that there was a squirrel in the space between the ceiling of the sunroom and the floor of the deck. He figured out how it had/was getting in and out, but didn't bother at that time to do anything about it.

Last night he spent some time looking through that space and found a momma and a baby squirrel. His description of "you know, squirrels can look pretty mean up close when you are disturbing them", was priceless and almost worth the little "problem" we are experiencing.

He has wired off all the openings except for one, leaving that one open so that momma and baby can leave once the baby is old enough. It shouldn't be long as he described the baby as being fully furred and scampering around inside the squirrely crawl space.

Years ago, there was a squirrel that frequented our yard and would actually accept peanuts from my fingers. It was friendly enough that I named it Rocky and it would actually come when called--at least if it were in the vicinity.

Rocky knew exactly where the peanuts were kept and if the front door were open, she could ease the screen door open just a bit and scamper into the entryway and remove a peanut from the bag which I kept there and go back outside and eat the peanut.

That was long ago and truth be known, I do miss Rocky. None of her "kids" ever tamed up enough to take peanuts from my hand although they did come around to take the peanuts if I left them on the ground or porch.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


April is upon us with the promise of new beginnings. The Spring flowers are in bloom and the days are filled with more sunshine and a bit less rain.

I just posted to my storefront an updated listing of knitted bags that I have on hand and there are some new fun colors there. I have lots more items that need to be added and will be working more on that.

Besides these items, I have some new products that I am representing and I think you will be as excited about them as I am. I don't know about you, but I am absolutely crazy about scented soaps and such and this company has many of those as well as other items that are enjoyable for our use or to gift others with. The url is:

I hope you will enjoy these as much as I enjoy selling them. Please feel free to contact me for further info.

May the blessings of spring be upon you as we delight in this wonderful time of year.

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